Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hannah's Shelves

 On Hannah's bookshelf I rotate in different activities and things for her to play with and try.  It is in her bedroom and, since Ethan also plays in there, he too grabs things off the shelf to explore.  This is both good and bad.  Good, because I really enjoy watching the two play together. Bad, because now that he crawls and puts everything in his mouth I need to be very selective about what goes on the shelf.

Hannah's Shelf
You can see on the shelf that there are different trays and baskets for each of the different activities.  This works really well because Hannah usually knows that she can do one activity at a time and know exactly where to put it back.

Usually not always.

Hannah does her activities on a blanket to give her a defined workspace.  It is funny, we have been doing this for awhile, so if daddy or I forget she insists that the blanket be spread out.  Ethan's favorite activities are wooden toys and the musical instruments.

Ethan and his noisy tambourine.
Here are some of Hannah's favorites at the moment:

Shape/Shadow matching game.
We usually play it as activity where each person takes a shape on their turn.  She also does  it independently.

Marbles with a ice cube tray.

I think she would do this all day long.

I am very careful with the marbles ever since we had a bit of a scare; Hannah decided to share her marbles with Ethan.  He was very close to putting them in his mouth.  I was just glad I pre-counted the marbles.  Since then, the marbles are kept in an old vitamin bottle, that has a child safe lid.


Andrew said...

You should have mentioned how it doesn't matter that Hannah knows to play with one activity and put stuff back, thanks to the destroyer of worlds that is her brother! :)

Charlotte said...

Oh I just love this post! I like how Hannah has been trained to play within the blanket (defined space). It's precious how she pours the marbles into the slots in the tray...

With his knack for music and instruments, I see Ethan being a worship-leader one day.

Your updates always perk up my day!

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