Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

We have had a great weekend so far, and it is not even over yet. On Friday, my sister and I took the kids to the zoo.  We got there just after it opened, so the lines were short.  By the time we left, a couple of hours later, the lines were quite long.  Hannah loved the zoo, and I did too.  Ethan slept almost the entire time.  The weather was beautiful so it was nice to walk around.  Hannah walked the whole time and had a blast not being confined to the stroller.  Here are some pictures:

Hannah and a crocodile.

Inside the lizard bubble.

Hannah loved the fake pigs because she could touch them.



Duck of some kind.

On Saturday, Andrew and I took the kids to the Surrey Nature Center to their annual easter egg hunt.  Unfortunately, by the time we parked we had just missed the hunt for Hannah's age.  But she had fun anyway.  She made some bunny ears, and enjoyed just walking around looking at everything.  When we got home I hid some eggs in the backyard for her to find.

Hannah standing inside a nest.

Looking for Eggs

Today, we gave Hannah and Ethan their easter baskets.  Hannah got her Easter things that I made.  Even though we didn't have much time to look through it before we needed to leave for church. I think she liked it.  Ethan's had the animals from the book "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?"  I wanted to put something in his basket even though he is really little.  The were very colorful and I thought he would like the pictures.  We also hid the resurrection eggs and than Andrew showed Hannah what was inside.

Easter Baskets

Finding eggs.

Daddy explaining what was inside each egg.

After church, we had the cool opportunity to meet and see our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Ethan and I waiting.

Stephen Harper -PM

Shaking Hannah's hand.

Security Detail.

Finally, we capped off the weekend with dinner at my parents house.  Hannah stayed to have a sleepover with Gamma Gamma and Papa.

Happy Easter


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Charlotte said...

A very busy week for the kids... and you too! Each time I see pictures, I just want to reach in and squeeze the kids, more often Hannah!

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