Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter Box B

I think Hannah will be excited to see her "B" Letter Box.  She loved her "A" Box and asked for it often but now I have switched the items out.  If you don't what I'm talking about have a look (here) and (here).  It took us a lot longer to do the letter A than I thought.  First, we had Hannah birthday and Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit, then we were all sick. But then I remind myself what is the rush.  As long as we are both enjoying ourselves, it is all good.

In the box is a felt bird (from her birthday cake), B bean bag, Boy, 2 balls, some B's, a book, a bear, some butterfly stickers, and a picture of a bike.

Well later, I did get a chance to show it to her and she did like it especially the butterfly stickers.  Check out the pictures of her seeing what was inside her Letter B box for the first time.

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