Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bubbles and Blossoms

Last week, Andrew needed some dirt for work.  Hahahahaha.  How often can I say that about my pastor husband? Anyway, he needed the dirt for some 30 Hour famine activities.  He thought it would be fun if we all went to the garden center together.  First, we walked around through all the plants and trees.  The weather was beautiful so it was really enjoyable.  Hannah pointed out all the flowers and wanted to "see" them all with her fingers too.  Andrew let her pick out a flower to plant in our backyard and of course the one she liked, I know nothing about for planting and care instructions.  I also picked out some wildflowers to plant in a planter with the leftover dirt.

Wandering the paths.

This is Hannah's plant. It's a Hyacinth.

When we got home Hannah wanted to try out her new bubble machine that she got for her birthday.  It says 1000s of bubbles in minutes.  Let’s just say I was sceptical.  I was wrong.  It is really neat and we all loved it.  Well, Ethan tolerated the bubbles flying in his face.  It makes these gigantic bubbles with more bubbles inside.

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