Sunday, April 3, 2011

A few of my Favorite Things!

Two of my favorite things are marriage and reading.  I have been married almost 7 years to Andrew.  Actually, 7 years next month and we are going away for a week to celebrate, whoot whoot!  I have been reading voraciously much longer. I love reading.  Everything!  Right now I am reading "Under the Maui Moon", by Robin Jones Gunn.  I know it sounds like trashy romance novel.  But its not.  Its story about a women who goes to Maui after losing her job.   I absolutely loved a line in her book about marriage.  This is a paraphrase because its actually some dialogu.

Marriage is a covenant relationship. It's not just a promise you made to your spouse.  The promise your made to stay together was a promise you made to God as well.... And God dearly blesses those who keep their promises, even when their difficult.  He knows.  He hears.  He Cares.....And for those who cannot or will not stay, they is always grace.  Extravagant grace.....That too can be a deep blessing from God.
 "Under the Maui Moon", by Robin Jones Gunn.

Have have been and continue to be deeply blessed by the covenant realtionship ship I have in marriage with Andrew.  I am so thankful.

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