Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hannah's Birthday

Earlier this week we celebrated Hannah's second birthday.  We celebrated by doing two things.  We take basket pictures and have a birthday party.  This year because her birthday fell in the middle of the week we had the party the weekend.  But I took the basket pictures later.  What are basket pictures.  I noticed that her left arm is in almost the same position in all three pictures.  Have a look:
2 day

1 year

2 years

For her party, we did a bird theme.  She had a lot of fun even though it was during her regular nap time.  I think she enjoyed being the center of attention once she warmed up to the idea.  

Hannah looked bewildered as she came down to the party after getting dressed.

Saying hi to Papa, and showing him her hair bows.

A birthday lunch.

Bird decorations.

The food.

The birthday cake with a felt bird sitting on top, with nest cupcakes.

The Birthday girl.

I found the template for the cute bird I used in all the decorations (here).

Hannah was open presents, and Ethan was helping.

Your birthday is next big boy.

Hannah played with her birthday present from mommy and daddy.

I made this little gnome playset for Hannah.  I had so much fun making it.  I was inspired by the work of  lovahandmade (here) for the tree, and Wee Folk Art (here) for the gnomes.


kering said...

WOW! That playset looks amazing! You are soo creative. I'm so wowed- haha. I love all the pictures too :):)

kering said...

OH, and the nest cupcakes-- did you make those too??????? WOW! Hehehe.

Kristina said...

Thanks. I made both, but the the nest were super easy. its just chow mien noodles and melted chocolate. I had a lot of fun making both.

The Activity Mom said...

Hi there! Just stopping by to let you know that YOU won the Homemade Simple Book giveaway! Email me your contact info (full name and address) and I'll put it in the mail asap!


Amanda Salg said...

I love this! Where did you get the idea for it? Any tips for moms thinking of giving there own gnome world's a try?

Sew Adorable said...

love the gnome play set it's a great idea :) thanks for sharing

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