Tuesday, September 13, 2011

H is for Huge House part 1

So this is the big project I have been working on (Andrew did the actual cutting, I'm not allowed to play with knives).  By big I mean in size.  When I brought it out and told Hannah she was going to paint it her eyes went equally as big.  This is the first part of the project.  Today we painted it.  When I saw the weather I knew it needed to be soon.  Once it starts raining here it may be awhile before it stops (I'm not complaining I like the rain.).  But we were not going to paint it inside so it needed to be done.

Right not it is a huge cardboard shaped house.  I figured it would be easier to paint before I cut out windows and doors.

Having never painted on such a huge surface it was fun to watch Hannah .

Everyone helped, some bailed early to cuddle on the couch.

Hannah is painting a bird in a nest.

Look at those hands!!!

An artist at work.

She knew she could paint everywhere but really she painted the same 2 places over and over.

I really liked painting outside, aside from the fast cleanup it was also very relaxing.
Stay tuned for part 2: Doors and Windows.

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Charlotte said...

WHAT a project!

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