Thursday, September 15, 2011

H is for House Part 2

Well I finally  finished Hannah and Ethan's house during their nap today.  I worked quickly so I could get it all done.  First I cut out the window and door and reattached the door on one side with duct tape (sort of like a hinge).  Next, I painted it a little more to make it more even (not necessary but I thought it would look nice).  Then, I added the fun bits.  I put on a door bell by stringing a jingle bell and attaching it above the door.  I made a curtain out of a tea towel.  I made the mailbox out of an empty formula can and brown paper.  I poked two holes in the back and in the house, then I was able to string a piece of twine to attach the can.  The mail was leftover cardboard that I wrote on with a sharpie.  I used some of my felt numbers for the house numbers.  Finally, what house is complete without a porch light (an empty applesauce container with a battery tea light)?  Have a look at how much fun they had.

1 comment:

nessa.hui said...

They look like they're having so much fun!

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