Monday, September 12, 2011

H is Home, Hot, and Happy

As we worked are way through our H activities today, we had extra fun because Daddy joined us.  I had everything ready for Hannah after her nap on the kitchen table. She came downstairs and a few minutes later meandered into the kitchen.  Not long after, Andrew called me into the kitchen too.  Hannah very patiently sat at the kitchen table waiting for me to come in so she could start her activities. 

Hot and Cold
This is a fun activity. Each cup had some water in it, ranging from ice cold to hot (not scalding) and everything in between.  We dipped our fingers in to see which cups were warmer and colder.  She did very well and really enjoyed dipping her fingers in and feeling water temperature different from cup to cup.

The cup on the left has the very hot water and the cup on the right has ice water. 
She needed to hold it herself.

If the cup was deemed cold enough, she drank it.

The "undrinkable" water with poured back and forth between cups.

Next, we did a simple house craft.

I love that there is a window on the chimney.
 Next, we sorted happy and sad faces into the appropriate basket.  I chose this activity after seeing it on The Princess and the Tot and because Hannah has a fascination for looking at other people expressions in pictures.
 I labeled two baskets with either happy or sad and then cut our pictures from magazines for her to sort.

Her facial expressions mimicked whatever she saw in the pictures.

She had a harder time with sad pictures, (mostly from the range of sad expressions).  The Happy pictures were easy.

 Afterwards, we had lots of time to go down to the creek and play.

Playing with sticks (no eyes were injured).

Stay tuned for surprise activity for the letter H.  It is almost ready.

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Charlotte said...

The happy and sad pictures activity is GREAT! Such a good idea!!!

And of course I love Hannah's sad face. Hahaha!

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