Thursday, September 29, 2011

I is for Iguanas and Iceberg Play dough

These are the last of our I activities, and probably Hannah's favorite too.  She worked through them very quickly and I was surprised that we had finished it all in a relatively short period of time.  First, we played with some iceberg play dough.

We used some white play dough, fake ice,
and our arctic animals that we used in our ice balls.

Beached whale.

It was very cold for a poor lonely polar bear.

Hannah decided we needed some water for the whales to swim in
and finally the polar bear found a friend in the walrus.

Iguana craft (Totally Tots).
We added a dewlap (chin flap) and some spines to our iguana.

The glue master.

Hannah held up the scrap of paper and said she needed to glue on the eye brow.

Kisses from the baby iguana.

Letter matching.  
Letter disks from A-H, and the 2 small letters for each letter from A-H.

Looking for the letter.  When she talks about E and F she counts how many legs it has to see if it matches.  

That's right G and C are not the same.

This is good activity to practice letter recognition.  It was also very good review for Hannah.  She enjoyed the challenge.  
What letter activities do your kids like to do?

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