Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I is for igloos and more insects.

Hannah, Ethan, and I attempted to make an igloo out of our box blocks.  When I first showed Hannah the igloo in her letter box she immediately turned it upside and pretended it was a cup.    While we do live in Canada (chuckle) there are no life size igloos for me to show Hannah.  I thought maybe this activity would show Hannah that you go inside an igloo.  We had fun but the igloo only stood briefly.

Ethan was a bit of a slacker.

This is the picture of our finished igloo.  Where are the children?  Well, the arm not holding the camera is holding them back so I can snap the picture before they attempt to destroy it.

Hannah in our second igloo.
Afterwards, we took advantage of the weather (a break in the rain) and whet searching for insects.  I planted plastic insects all over the place and  gave each child a magnifying glass.  Hannah also got a pair of plastic tweezers to "pick up" the specimens with and place in her bug box.

Her first find.

He loved the magnifying glass and the bugs.

Covered so they can't get out.
Using the tweezers was a bit of a challenge.

Any more mama?

There's one!

I see it too!

I'll get him next time.

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