Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh the Magic is Gone

My little girl is growing up far too fast.  She surprised me today as we were sitting together in my bedroom before her nap. Everyday, I tell Hannah a story about a puppy named Skittles.  If I am the one taking her to bed (or nap) she may even hear 2 Skittle stories.  Its a Mommy/Hannah thing.  In the stories, Skittles will do any number of things go shopping for new shoes, wrap a present for his baby brother, make dinner with Mommy.  The story ends with Skittles going down for a nap or going to bed. Often I ask Hannah what Skittles will do today and then I make up the story accordingly.  Lately, Skittles has gone to many pool parties. In my head, Skittles has always been Hannah.  It's a running conversation between Andrew and I that Hannah will eventually figure it out.
Well this afternoon, Skittles went on a walk with mommy to pick up fall leaves.  He collected them in a basket and then brought them home.  When I finished the story Hannah turned to me and said "When Hannah wakes up, mommy go buy Hannah a basket for a walk".  I smiled at her and asked her if she wanted to go on a leaf walk just like Skittles.  She then said "Skittles is Hannah, its the same".  I was shocked.  I asked her who told her that Skittles and Hannah were the same.  She told me that Daddy said it.  I shall be having a little chat with Daddy later.  She had the biggest smile on her face like she had just figured out a big surprise.  Too funny.  I neither confirmed it nor denied it.  But will I keep telling the stories anyway.

Earlier, when we got home from church Hannah was such a good helper.  She took Ethan's jacket and shoes off after coming inside.  Then she said his pants and socks were wet (we played outside and it had rained) so she took those off too, she is such a good big sister.

Here she is laying out his wet clothes to dry.
As I mentioned yesterday, it was my Grandma's birthday (GG).  We were over at my parents and we had such a good time.

Hannah and GG blow out the candles.

Time for ice cream. (That is my sister Amanda poking her head  in the back )

I think Hannah enjoyed the swimming the most especially since Gamma Gamma (my mom) took her.


Charlotte said...

And I shall wait for your update on how goes your talk with Daddy.
=D =D =D

Kristina said...

Hahahahaha, he will laugh, and tell me she making it up. She probably is too.

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