Friday, September 9, 2011

Hammers and Hearts

Hannah woke up early today from her nap so we had a lot of fun (quietly) while Ethan slept on.  First, I brought out the bin of colored rice and hid some little letter H`s.  Hannah loves to bury and hide things and we did this over and over, as I tried to pretend that rice was not clattering all over the floor.  

 I made the colored rice a awhile back and it still holds up well.  The rule: If its lands on the floor it ends up in the garbage.

Where are they mamaÉ
After a little while, the H`s became cookies and the rice sprinkles.

Of course we had to sweep up afterwards.

Next, Hannah hammered golf tees into a Styrofoam H.

Yes, that is a real hammer.  My mom always says a women should have her own tools.  This is MY hammer.

Placing the Tees

Pulling them out again.
This was my find of the day.  Ethan and I went to a thrift shop and I found this Leap Frog fridge alphabet toy for nothing compared to the full price at Toys R Us.
I separated out the letters we have done, so Hannah can play with them.

When you push the magnetic letter into the holder it says its name and sound.

The is the ``heart`` balloon I tied to the ceiling fan (after seeing something similar on Peaceful Parenting).  I actually had a heart shaped balloon but I managed to pop it before I could hang it.  So I found my sharpie and added some hearts to a red balloon.

Hannah was hitting the balloon and twirling.

I love that Ethan is collapsed on the floor off to the side.

Up again. Nice jab.

This is Hannah`s third narration picture.  I wish the colors photographed better.  

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