Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Girl Bed revisited

The transition to the big girl bed has gone exceptionally well.  She loves it.  For the first couple of nights and naps she only got up once or twice (usually within the first 10 mins of bedtime).  It was really cute, but we have been pretty firm about making her go back and staying in bed.  We put a safety knob on her doorknob after the first night, which of course she figured out immediately.  During her nap yesterday (I mean the time is which she should be napping because she did not sleep) she left her room at least a dozen times.  One time, while I was downstairs, she left her room and hung out in my bedroom for who know long.  She was looking out the window when daddy came home from work.  While trying to contain my frustration at the non-napping (I also had a huge headache) I switched the safety knob for another model (more difficult), which she then figured out in three turns of the knob.  I really should be proud of her fine motor skills and her problem solving ability.  But mostly, I just wanted her to go to sleep. Eventually, she woke up Ethan and all attempts at confining her were halted.

Hannah's first night in her big bed.  (It should be mentioned that Andrew vehemently apposed the taking of this picture, but I wanted it preserved for posterity)
Last night went so much better (but she was tired).  She did not try to escape. Hahaha.  She couldn't have even if she wanted to try.  Before bed, with the help of some duct tape and cardboard, I eliminated all potentials for escape.  When I was little, my brother and I used to play this game where we would tie each other up or lock each other into rooms and then time ourselves to see who could escape fastest.  I (no humility) became very good both skills.

Later in the evening, Andrew checked on Hannah and found that she was not in bed.

She was on the floor by the door.  Oh my lovely daughter.  You are your mothers daughter.  When I was Hannah's age I used to crawl behind the door in my bedroom, only to have them open the door on my head nearly every night.  It got to be such a problem that the doctor suggested that they tie me into bed.

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Charlotte said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing!!! Too bad I can't put an emoticon of that here.


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