Saturday, September 24, 2011

I is for ice cream

Hannah and I had some fun the other day with her activities.  We started after her nap and she continued until dinner.  I couldn't believe how focused she was working through different activities.  Including the two new activities below, she also played with play dough, matched farm animals to pictures, used the dot markers, and did some transferring work.  Here are the new activities we did for the letter I:

The idea behind this activity was pattern making.  I would make a pattern using the  ice cream scoops, then Hannah needed to make a matching ice cream cone.
Cut out and ready to go.

This is her "huh what do you want me to do?" face.

She liked choosing colors to make ice cream cones.

She pushed it all aside and asked for the glue stick.
I guess shes not quite ready for patterns.

Gluing down her ice cream cone.

We added come cotton ball whipped cream.

Finished with a pom pom cherry on top.

Color matching with the letter I.  Hannah need to place each wooden circle on the appropriately colored dot.

Her favorite thing to do is to hold her hand over the matching spot and say  "nope not it", just to see what I'll say even though she knows its right.

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