Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I is for insects

This is leftover from the end of last week but because of a busy weekend and not feeling well I haven't had a chance to post it.  We did a few a activities about insects.

Growing insects.

Hannah dropped in 4 capsules that grow into insect sponges.
 She watched but it was a very slow process.

This was hours later.

Finally in the morning, they were all done.

Here is Hannah drying her insects and telling me there names.  The was an ant, a butterfly, a caterpillar,  and a  grasshopper.
Later on after nap time, Hannah and I painted insect rocks to keep outside.  Earlier I glued the paper cutout of the insect on the rock and sealed it.

Hannah painted them very quickly.

The paint was quite thick, so next time I would thin it down with some water so that it was more translucent.  Where the paint was applied quite thickly it was difficult to see the lines underneath.

Next, Hannah and I sponge painted with our insects.  The butterfly turned out really well.  The others not so much.

Two of our rocks, the dragonfly and butterfly.  I sealed them again and now they are outside ready for playing.
Lastly,  Hannah's picture.  She drew a picture of Auntie Jen and wrote all about it underneath.   

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Hahaha...I just thought of something: Insects are the one thing I can still scare Keri with.

Creepy crawlies are my least favorite things though....

Good letter I activity!

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