Monday, September 5, 2011

Washing and Waiting

All day today, I loved being able to tell Hannah and Ethan that Daddy would be back soon.  We had a really good day too.  We went to tea at my grandma's house.  Then by the time we finished some grocery shopping and arrived back home, it was time for lunch and then naps.  Hannah really wanted (asked me several times) to do some washing.  I promised to have something ready for her when she woke up.  I put a tub of soapy warm water for her on the the little table outside for her to wash up her toys.  She washed toys for a VERY long time carefully placing the cleaned toys in the bin beside her.
Washing toys out in the sun, what could be better?

Hard at work.

All clean.
Of course the highlight of our day was having Daddy home!!!!


Charlotte said...

Nice & sweet to see that Hannah and Ethan both gave Pastor Andrew a big welcome.

Cool Math Games said...

So sweet kids.. Look at the way they are working.. Ummmmmm!!

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