Saturday, September 17, 2011

H is for Hats

Today, is my grandma's birthday, Hannah affectionately calls her GG, so yesterday we made her a birthday card.  I stuck on the letters to spell out "I love you GG" but I only had lower case letters. Hahahaha oh well.  Hannah then decorated her card with some foam stars and hearts.

She was in a pretty wacky mood.

I think she did a great job and I know GG will love it.

Then continuing along in our H activities, I gathered up every hat in the house I could find.  We played dress  up and Hannah decided who owned each hat.

I think Daddy's tuque is still a little big baby boy.

Too small

Just right (not quite).  This is one of Ethan's baby hats but it is really stretchy.

Afterwards, I hid all of the hats all around the room for Hannah and Ethan to find and bring back to the basket (or wear).

She went to sleep so well last night that I credit the running from this game (or maybe the trip to the river) either way I was thankful.

Hannah thought Ethan should wear a hat too,  Ethan wasn't  into that idea (it could have been Hannah forcefully trying to jam it on his head).

This is a sorting activity with those colored H's (I have no idea what they are actually for, so if you do let me know).  The idea is to take the H's out of the hard hat and place them in the appropriate colored dish.

She did so well, this is the first time she has completed a sorting activity.  Good Job Hannah.

Wacky all afternoon (that is a blue H tower in the dish).

Finally, Hannah drew her picture in her dictation drawing book.
She had quite an animated story this week about GG and her birthday.

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

Such great activities for "H". I absolutely love your dictation drawing book! What a great keepsake!

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