Monday, September 19, 2011

H-is for Hearts

We finished up our H activities with hearts.  We did two activities and we enjoyed them both.  First, we made heart brownies for Daddy this morning to tell him how much we love him.  After the brownies came out of the oven and cooled Hannah cut them into heart shapes and Daddy was the first to sample them  They were yummy.  Strangely, Hannah did not enjoy them.  She loves chocolate and chocolate cake.  But not these.

Nice pose Hannah

She liked poking the brownies out if the cookie cutters.

Her finished present.

Not so sure.
Even stranger, when we told her it was like chocolate cake later, she gobbled it up.  What can I say she's 2.

Our other heart activity was a maze. Andrew and I wound string all over the living room and kitchen.  For example from the banister  to the fireplace would be one section.  At the beginning of the section was a heart, Hannah needed to pull the heart along the string to the end of the section (think ziplining, and the transferring of carabiners), and then switch to the next heart. Hopefully if your a little confused by my description the pictures will make sense.

At the very end of the string maze was this surprise.

Here you can see the string back and forth across the living room.

Here is an exchange point.  Hannah followed the heart along the string to this point(and others like it), then would continue on her way by leaving the old heart and taking the new one (the one you can see).

Around the kitchen table and under.

Hannah pushing it along.

She got to this point where she was suppose to crawl under the table but instead she  pushed  the heart further under the table and then walked around to get the next heart.

Hannah switching hearts.

She found her surprise

More hearts and her snack.

We left up the maze up until Ethan was awake and he had fun with it too.  Stay tune tomorrow for the Letter H wrap up.

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