Thursday, September 22, 2011

I is for ice

I made ice balls for Hannah and Ethan to start off the letter I.  Actually, I have had them ready for awhile just waiting for a warm sunny day.  So on Tuesday when the weather looked nice, I took the opportunity knowing I had better act quick.  At that point, I had not even presented the letter I box.  Good thing too since it has rained everyday since.  I put an animal who lives in cold icy climates in each balloon and then filled water and off to the freezer they went. 

Frozen ice ball ready to "unwrap".

They looked really neat, this is the polar bear ball.

Orca whale.

Hannah insisted that they needed their gloves.

Yes Ethan it is cold.

Be careful ice balls dropped on toes hurt.

Way to go Destructo,  Ethan enjoyed hammering.

Eventually, we put the ice balls in warm water.

She kept the gloves on the entire time.

A walrus.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

The balloon ice balls = GREAT idea!!! I love this. I went WOW when I saw the picture of the bear in the ice ball.

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